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dating pro comments-A very slow dating script

Nowadays, have many script for you build up website or Apps.
However, most of this script is bad.
Today I want to talk about Dating Pro.
When you use desktop computer, you may have illusion its seems good.
However, nowadays most of user use mobile phone, not desktop

by the result of google test, it's totally fail

That's the first problem, no one want to use a website every 10 seconds per page.
Second Problem, expensive cost for further development.
If you want to add a function in to the software, you need to pay $300-$800 USD each mini function.

Third Problem, the developer team is very week. If you found a bug, they can't fix it.

Last problem, the apps version is very slow too, because it's not a native apps!
If you really want to make a dating site or dating apps, I recommend don't waste money to dating pro.
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